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Bishop Conway Green was born on May 10, 1901 in Newport News, Virginia. He was the last offspring of 12 children from the late Calvin and Emily Green. Elder Green was formally trained in the public school system of Newport News, Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland respectively.


In the year of 1929 in the month of July, the Lord led Bishop Green to go out and preach the Word of God on the street corners. His first convert was the late Deacon Raymond Wilson, who served as the church’s first sexton. It was during this period when the Church of God (as it was named then) was founded. Its founding location was the street corner of Poppleton and Saratoga Streets. Its founders are Bishop Conway Green, Mother Rose Etter Green, first lady; the late Deacon Ernest Ford, Chairman of the Board of Deacons; and the late missionary Corrine Ford, first secretary and musician.

We praise our God for the fact that the Lord has done great and wonderful things for Bishop Conway & Mother Rose Etter Green and the Christian Community Church of God were oft we are glad. The Lord called Mother Rose Etter Green from labor to reward on October 13, 1998 and 16 days later on October 29, 1998 Bishop Conway Green joined her toward a pilgrimage to everlasting life in glory. 

Our Story

During the ministry of Bishop Conway C. Green, times were not very easy during the heart of the depression that he had to make tremendous sacrifices. During the early thirties the church was still undergoing incorporation. However, Bishop Green, Sister Green, Deacon Ford, and Sister Ford proceeded to organize and set apart this branch of Zion. Thus, the name of the Church of God was changed to the Christian Community Church of God, incorporated. During the period between the late thirties and the early fifties, Bishop Green led the church through three storefront church buildings. The first one was located 944 West Fayett Street, the second at 928 West Saratoga Street, and the third on Fremont Avenue & Washer Street. There was also a small church building located at 1117 West Saratoga Street. This was home for 22 years. During this time we paid for this building and proceeded to purchase the building next door to it for a dining room.

In 1950, Bishop C. Green started his first radio broadcast ministry aired over station WANN. This broadcast was later changed to station WWIN, 1400 on the AM dial, which also airs each Sunday afternoon from 2:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. As a result of this great radio broadcast ministry, the congregation increased, many people were saved, blessed, healed and delivered. Bishop C. Green stood tall as a man of righteousness, tenacity, wisdom, and vision. As a result of these great traits, the congregation began to grow immensely. Therefore, Elder Green began to look for a larger building. In the year of 1961 in the month of May on the very first Sunday, Bishop C. Green and his congregation moved to their new home, and present location, 2701 West Baltimore Street at the corner of Franklintown Road. In October of 1993 Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke and the city of Baltimore named the 2700 block of west Baltimore Street in honor or our bishop, known as Elder Conway Green Way.


As a result of Bishop Green’s unique manner in presenting the uncompromised - unadulterated Word of God, countless number of souls were led to Christ, many persons were healed physically and spiritually.  The faith of the saints were increased with strength and determination to remain on the "Battlefield of the Lord".  Many homes, families and children were blessed. A host of ministers, elders,, and evangelists were licensed and ordained to go out under the "Great Commission" to preach, teach and make disciples of humanity. Bishop C. Green was nationally known as a teacher, preacher, administrator, and under-shepherd par-excellence. He was also known for his one word phrase, "ALL-RIGHT"! He was also known as the oldest founding senior pastor in Baltimore, Maryland having served faithfully for 65 years as Pastor and under-shepherd.

The Lord has truly blessed Bishop Conway Green and his loving companion, Mother Rose Etter Green, and the entire congregation of the Christian Community Church of God. Bishop Conway Green was the devoted husband of a meek and loving lady-Mother Rose Etter Green for 79 years. He was the proud father of one son, Dr. Melvin C. Green, who was named as the successor as the second pastor of the Christian Community Church of God on Friday, July 28, 1995 during our 2nd Annual Holy Ecumenical Convocation. He is the father-in-law of Mrs. Idelia M. Green. He is also the grandfather of Melody T. Green-Lewis and Cerise T. Green-Palmer and great grandfather of Melvin D. Palmer.

Christian Community Church Of GOD



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